Furniture Donations To Unity Charity

Spotlight: Unity Ups its New Office’s Performance

Upon moving into their new office space, the staff at Unity – a Toronto-based charity focused on empowering youth to use artistic self-expression to make positive life choices – worried they would be fighting an uphill battle trying to teach local youth about professionalism in an unfinished space.

Imagine standing in front of a classroom full of students aged ten to 18, and you’re trying to impress upon them the importance of professionalism and work ethic in everything they do. And yet, as with many growing non-profits, you don’t have all the equipment of a typical office space.

Fortunately, Green Standards entered the picture and was able to coordinate the donation of gently-used office equipment from a leading Canadian communications company.

“We’re youth focused aUnityDay-2nd always trying to teach professionalism. With this donation, our office space better reflects what we teach,” said Michael Thomas, Director of Operations at Unity. “It has a direct impact on our spending, our operations and our environment. This donation will help us assist and empower more local youth.”

The items donated to Unity included chairs, whiteboards and cabinets to name a few. “We wanted these supplies for a long time but it was too expensive for us,” said Thomas. “Thank you again for this generous donation!”

As for the major Canadian communications and media company, partnering with Green Standards to help Unity not only epitomizes their commitment to the community, but also their commitment to the environment by keeping these products out of the landfill.

About Unity

Unity Charity

UNITY uses the arts to empower youth with the confidence and skills for success. UNITY engages youth 10 to 18 by implementing school and community programs helping youth positively express their stress and develop skills for success. UNITY empowers youth to make better choices as leaders, mentors and positive community role models leading to more productive citizens, safer schools and healthier communities.