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Green Standards' managed program of office furniture donation, resale, and recycling makes it simple and cost-effective to clear out your workspace — and enable your company to do good.


Office Furniture Donation, Resale and Recycling

It’s never been easier to manage your company’s excess office furniture and equipment responsibly, anywhere in the US and Canada. By combining donation, resale, and recycling strategies with turnkey project management, we maximize asset recovery, streamline community donation, and virtually eliminate waste.

Office Furniture Donation Icon

In-kind Donation

Office furniture donation keeps products in use by local organizations, avoiding landfill waste and dumping costs.

Asset Resale

Furniture and equipment resale can generate revenue to offset project costs while keeping items out of landfill and in use by businesses.


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Specialized Recycling

Specialized recycling can generate returns, process a variety of items and reintroduce materials back into the manufacturing cycle.

Have employees working from home? Green Standards now offers an employee resale portal available to our corporate clients.

Learn how we get triple bottom line results for businesses across North America and Globally.

Our Innovative Approach

Our international networks of non-profit organizations, office furniture resellers, specialized recyclers, and commercial movers make it possible to redistribute office furniture and equipment responsibly anywhere in the US, Canada and Globally.

Where conventional solutions produce an alarming amount of waste, we generate value for your business, your community, and the environment.

A Sustainable Redistribution

  • Resale
  • Donation
  • Recycling
  • Landfill

A Typical Disposal

  • Resale
  • Landfill

Our Process at a Glance

Inventory, timeline and needs evaluation.

Where typical solutions take a ‘one size fits all’ approach, we look at each project differently. Not only is your inventory unique, but so is your company. So we begin by understanding your product, building and compliance requirements, and plan for the best results possible.

Vendor and non-profit onboarding.

Our process is dynamic and layered. To keep it simple for your team, we manage all parties — movers, buyers, recyclers, and non-profits — from engagement and onboarding through to knock-down, pick up and delivery.

Office Furniture Removal Icon

Project planning, management and execution.

We serve as an extension of your team for the entire decommissioning component of your workplace project to save you time and effort. Our specialized project managers make sure every item makes it to its end-destination on time and intact.

Data and documentation collection.

We collect a suite of supporting documents to demonstrate industry-leading transparency and accountability. Each piece is designed to protect your company from liability, track items to their end-destination and provide insight into the environmental and social benefits of the project.

Green Standards Transparency Icon

Environmental and social reporting.

We’re committed to measuring and sharing results, including the landfill diversion rate, greenhouse gas offset, and community impact of each project. To make your achievements accessible and easy to use, we’ve designed a cloud-based reporting portal.

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