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Great-West Life’s Recycling And Reuse Initiatives

Great-West Life’s Recycling and Reuse Initiatives

Great-West Life discusses their recent reuse and recycling initiatives, highlighting their projects with Green Standards, in their 2012 Public Accountability Statement:

From page 44:

Recycling and Reuse

“Complementing recycling programs and services in place across our operations, we engage in co-operative projects to repurpose redundant assets. In 2012, we completed more than a dozen sustainability projects with our vendor Green Standards, redistributing a range of our surplus office assets to charitable organizations in need. Through these projects, we diverted more than 48 tonnes from the landfill in 2012, resulting in over $59,000 of in-kind donations to charitable organizations, which distribute donated items within their communities where they are needed most.

This landfills diversion equals:
• 85 tons of carbon dioxide equivalent
• 8,645 gallons of gasoline consumption
• 1,977 trees growing for 10 years

We’ve completed close to 40 such projects with Green Standards in recent years, diverting 391 tonnes from landfill and resulting in a total of close to $298,000 of in-kind donations.”

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