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Tahirih Justice Center Receives Furniture Donations

How a more welcoming office helps Tahirih Justice Center help immigrant women and girls

When a prominent bio-manufacturing company relocated its Bay Area headquarters to new fully furnished offices, it partnered with Green Standards to sustainably decommission the 300,000 square feet of space it was vacating. It was important to our client that their surplus furnishings would be kept in use and out of the landfill.

A Tangible Benefit for a Worthy Organization

Green Standards redistributed the surplus furniture to six local non-profits, including Tahirih Justice Center Bay Area. This organization provides free legal and social services to immigrant women and girls fleeing violence in California. 

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Tahirih Justice Center Bay Area used the dozens of items they received to make their offices more comfortable and welcoming for their clients, many of whom are survivors of trauma and have histories of domestic violence. 

The furniture you donated will have a tangible impact on our work. It’s not only going to keep our staff safer and more comfortable in the workplace, but it’s also going to allow a lot of the survivors of torture and trauma that we work with to become comfortable in a space that otherwise would be pretty hard to get comfortable in. I hope that you know that your donations go beyond just helping the planet or being generous and is actually making people comfortable in an otherwise difficult time.”

– Morgan Weibel, Executive Director of Tahirih Justice Center Bay Area


Social Impact

Tahirih Bay Area were pleased to welcome gently used ergonomic chairs, tables, desks and additional seating to expand their offices for their growing staff.

Thank you Green Standards for helping Tahirih Justice Center with these wonderful furniture donations and for offering us access to desks and equipment that would otherwise be way to expensive for us to purchase as a non-profit.” – Morgan Weibel

Green Standards works with corporations to solve the growing problem of furniture waste. Since 2009, we’ve diverted 82,000+ tons of office furniture and equipment from landfills, making $32,000,000 worth of in-kind donations to 5,500 non-profits and community organizations on behalf of our corporate clients. 


About Tahirih Justice Center

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Tahirih Justice Center stands alone as the only national, multi-city organization providing a broad range of direct legal and social servicespolicy advocacy, and training and education to protect immigrant women and girls fleeing violence.

The Tahirih Justice Center is a national non-profit that has served over 25,000 courageous individuals fleeing violence since 1997. Their efficient, effective, and innovative model of service is now delivered from five locations, and they are committed to serving as many immigrant women and girls as possible.



About Green Standards Ltd.



A Circular Economy-Inspired Office Solution

Millions of tons of office furniture and equipment are sent to landfill each year in North America. We are here to change that. By working with forward-thinking corporations, we’re able to recover usable resources and repurpose valuable products to the benefit of businesses, the environment and communities across North America.

Our sustainable decommission program has diverted 82,000+ tons of surplus furniture and equipment from landfill and donated more than $32 million worth of in-kind donations to 5,000+ non-profits across North America since inception.

The 82,000+ tons diverted equals more than 194,000 metric tons of CO2e emissions reduced with a 98.6% landfill diversion rate on more than 1,500 projects.

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