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Green Standards donates gently-used office furniture and equipment to registered non-profits across the US, Canada and Globally. Delivered to your door.


How does the donation process work?

When our corporate clients move or renovate, they provide gently-used office furniture donations that can benefit your organization.

As a registered non-profit, you can join our network to learn when office furniture, equipment or supplies are available for donation in your area.

Join in Three Simple Steps

  1. Sign-up for notification of available items
  2. Place requests for items of interest
  3. Selected non-profits will be contacted to schedule delivery

Success Story


Like many non-profit organizations, Sketch needed to improve its office space but was reluctant to spend its hard earned funding on its work space. Instead, they requested office furniture donations from Green Standards!

See what Executive Director Rudy Ruttimann had to say.

Which organizations are eligible?

We work with registered non-profits of all types, including: charities, school boards, associations, cultural groups, food banks, museums, foundations, and more. All registered non-profits are eligible to join our network and place requests.

The Selection Process

Donation recipients are selected based on a number of factors, including: client preference, distance from project site, size of request, and overall need for items.

Join 10,000+ non-profit and charitable organizations across the US and Canada.

Are donations available in my city?

We work with responsible corporations across the United States and Canada. More recently, we’ve expanded our operations internationally to meet our global client’s needs wherever they are. Although our work is concentrated in major city centers, we routinely work in small cities and towns too.

Once you’ve joined our network, our donation team will notify you when items become available in your area. If your organization has been selected for donations, we will then contact you to schedule the delivery.

Demonstrating Green Standards impact across North America
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Why Green Standards?

Countless non-profits, from government agencies to local community centers, have saved thousands of dollars by joining our network. We help you keep your hard-earned funding dedicated to those you serve, while ensuring you can access safe, functional office equipment.


  • Get free, gently-used office furniture and equipment
  • Free delivery included
  • Optimize your administrative budget
  • Help us keep usable products and resources out of the landfill!
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