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Cigna Aims To Divert 95% Of Office Waste From Landfills By Partnering To Recycle, Resell And Donate Office Equipment

Cigna and Green Standards Make Earth Day Commitment to Reduce Environmental Footprint, Help Communities

Through recycling, reselling and donation, Green Standards and Cigna aim to divert 95% of excess furniture and office equipment from landfill

The world is reimagining how we will work, collaborate, and socialize after the pandemic – and that includes our work environments. While that may mean more open spaces and less furniture, it does not have to mean more landfill waste.

Green Standards partners with Cigna to reduce environmental footprint and help communities



Thanks to a partnership with Green Standards, Cigna has reaffirmed efforts to recycle, resell or donate unneeded office furniture and equipment as they evolve their workspaces. This Earth Day, Cigna and Green Standards are officially committed to better manage Cigna’s surplus furniture and supplies with the goal of diverting 95% or more of that surplus and from landfills. With Green Standards’ help, Cigna will repurpose these assets for communities in need to better serve the environment and the communities where their employees live and work.

Extending the lifecycle of furniture assets

“Purpose drives everything we do at Cigna,” said Sanjiv Awasthi, Cigna’s vice president of global real estate. “Local donations can make a big difference not just in a single community – but toward overall global climate efforts. All of our actions add up to help reduce our environmental footprint.”

Social & Environmental Impact

 Green Standards is thrilled with Cigna’s commitment to their environment and community and looks forward to the partnership. This shared goal will go a long way to helping Green Standards build upon 10 years that’s already seen over 75,000 tons of workplace furniture and equipment diverted from landfill and $32 million of in-kind donations made to 5,000 non-profits and communities across North America.  

“We’re honored to work with Cigna to responsibly recycle and find homes for their no-longer needed office furniture and supplies,” said Green Standards President Trevor Langdon. “Cigna could’ve taken the easy way out and dumped their surplus furniture, but their commitment to social impact, environmental stewardship and community health is evident by making this effort.”

A recent project at one of Cigna’s Minnesota worksites was the first of many to recycle office furnishings and provide in-kind donations to local non-profits. One of those organizations was Bridging, a non-profit that provides donated furniture and household goods to families and individuals transitioning out of homelessness and poverty.

“The dignity of choice—being able to have pride in your home is one of the values that Bridging is built upon. We see artwork as an essential item for that reason—it truly goes the extra mile to help people make their house a home. We are so grateful to Green Standards and Cigna for this donation.”

Mark Wilkening, Executive Director at Bridging 

In all, 100% of Cigna’s surplus inventory in Minnesota was kept out of landfills through this project.


Green Standards Ltd.



A Circular Economy-Inspired Office Solution

Green Standards sustainably manages the resale, recycling, and donation of office furniture and equipment across North America.

Millions of tons of office furniture and equipment are sent to landfill each year in North America. We’re here to change that. By working with forward-thinking corporations we’re able to recover usable resources and repurpose valuable products to the benefit of businesses, the environment and communities across North America.

Our sustainable decommission program has diverted 75,000+ tons of surplus furniture and equipment from landfill and donated more than $31 million worth of in-kind donations to 5,000+ non-profits across North America since inception.

The 75,000+ tons diverted equals more than 175,000 metric tons of CO2e emissions reduced with a 98.6% landfill diversion rate on more than 1,500 projects.

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