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Industry: Pension Plans, Corporate Real Estate
Toronto Office Consolidation

OMERS prioritizes sustainability and waste reduction through a partnership with Green Standards to divert no longer needed furniture and equipment from landfill through donations to non-profit agencies in Toronto.


Beneficiary Highlight: MukiBaum

The MukiBaum Accessibility Centre is 1 of 17 beneficiaries that received furniture and equipment donations from OMERS through our partnership. MukiBaum provides inclusive, community-focused support to children and adults with autism and/or other complex developmental disabilities and their families.

“With in kind donations for an organization like MukiBaum, money that they would spend on furniture is literally dollars coming out of their programming budget. So for OMERS to be able to step in and donate furniture it saves MukiBaum that expense and literally channels those dollars directly into their programming budget.”

Trevor Langdon
Green Standards, Executive General Manager

MukiBaum Accessability Centre

MukiBaum Furniture Donations from OMERS

The Objective

In the Fall of 2017, OMERS was consolidating 3 offices into a single newly constructed tower. As part of the transition, they partnered with Green Standards to responsibly decommission 400,000 square feet of office space, to ensure excess furniture and equipment would be kept out of landfill and channeled into local communities.

The Challenge

When OMERS moved to their new head office they needed furniture that supported more collaboration, but didn’t want their old materials to go to waste. With over 1400 employees being relocated, it created the need for a more complex, multi-channeled disposition strategy.

OMERS was focusing efforts on getting their employees settled in the new space and lacked the time and resources to sustainably manage the decommission process.

Green Standards Recycle Icon

Landfill Diversion

Asset Recovery

Green Standards Turnkey Service Icon

Turnkey Service

“It was a complete turnkey solution, meaning that we simply contacted Green Standards and they took the exercise from there and were able to assure us that the furniture would not end up in the landfill.”

Andrew McAllan, MBA
Head of Real Estate Management
OMERS/Oxford Properties

The Solution

By combining donation, resale, and recycling strategies with turnkey project management, Green Standards maximized asset recovery, streamlined community donation, and virtually eliminated waste.

Green Standards took responsibility for the entire process, including the dismantling, removal and relocation of each item, and coordinating between the movers, buyers, local non-profits and specialized recyclers. It also provided documentation and in-depth environmental and social impact reporting to help OMERS capture and review the outcome of the project.

The Results

OMERS Offices

Non-Profit Organizations

By working with our Circular Economy-Inspired program, OMERS was able to repurpose valuable products with a 99% landfill diversion rate on 400+ tons of surplus assets. The majority of items – including tables, desks, chairs, shelves, fridges, and dishwashers – were either resold, recycled or donated, reducing costs, while benefiting the environment and local community groups.

“Sustainability has long been an important element within both Oxford and OMERS and it’s part of our bigger corporate social responsibility, not just to the broader community but to the 480,000 people that rely on us to pay pensions. Being able to reuse our furniture, particularly for worthy causes, was a very important consideration for us.”

Andrew McAllan, MBA
Head of Real Estate Management
OMERS/Oxford Properties

Asset Distribution (by weight)

  • Resale
  • Donation
  • Recycling
  • Landfill
Green Apple Award for Environmental Best Practice in 2018
REmmy Award - Corporate Citizen

Project Recap & Achievements

  • 400,000 Square Feet of Corporate Real-Estate
  • 3 Buildings across 16 Floors
  • 1,400+ Employees on the move
  • Cost-competitive to conventional solutions
  • 99% (497 tons) Landfill Diversion
  • $98,615 of In-Kind Donation to Non-Profits 
  • 17 Toronto based beneficiaries reported more functional, safe working environments
  • Green Apple Award – Environmental Best Practice
  • 2018 REmmy Award– CoreNet Global Canadian Chapter 

MukiBaum Accessibility Centre thanks the donor for the truly amazing donation of key furniture! The individual work tables,  file storage and chairs will go immediately to use by our staff and the participants of the program. As a non-profit as well as an NGO, these fantastic donations directly help us in continuing to support the people we serve and their families.”

Jameson Wood
Senior Coordinator of Operations and Programming, MukiBaum

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