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As Marathon Oil transitioned its owned properties across Texas into tenant-ready space, it worked with Green Standards to simplify the decommissioning process and ensure that as little of its surplus furniture and equipment was sent to the landfill as possible.


The Objective

With several locations in transition, Marathon Oil’s facilities team wanted a comprehensive approach that would leverage multiple channels, including revenue generating sources like resale and metal recycling, as well as environmentally and community-friendly options like local donation.

The Challenge

With a liquidation service provider in place, Marathon Oil was concerned about the lack of efficiency and transparency in how spaces were being emptied. It was unclear how its surplus assets were being managed, what value they had, and how much waste was being produced.

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Landfill Diversion

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Turnkey Service

Marathon Oil approached us with a simple goal: give a second life to as much equipment as possible. We make it straight forward and effective to achieve this goal across the U.S.

Jon Milnes
Business Development Manager
Green Standards

The Solution

Marathon Oil was introduced to Green Standards in 2014 and were able to prioritize asset recovery while also ensuring that less valuable items were either donated or recycled, and at a cost comparable to conventional liquidation.

Project Sites

  • Grand Junction, CO
  • Oklahoma City, OK
  • San Antonio, TX
  • Houston, TX

The Results

After a successful pilot project in Houston, Marathon Oil and Green Standards collaborated on 12 additional decommissions in Houston, San Antonio, Oklahoma, and Colorado. Altogether, Marathon Oil was able to achieve 100 per cent landfill diversion, a total of 343 tons. Of the 343 tons, 5 per cent was resold and 32 per cent was recycled. The remaining 63 per cent – valued at $257,954 – was donated to 14 non-profit organizations.

There was an opportunity to get more value out of our excess furniture and equipment. By revisiting our approach, we were able to turn our office decommissions into a positive for our business and the communities we work in. They became an extension of the principles that guide or corporate social responsibility strategy.

Dixie Voss
Facilities Manager
Marathon Oil

Asset Distribution (by weight)

  • Resale
  • Donation
  • Recycling

Marathon Oil was also able to leverage Green Standards environmental and social impact reporting to benchmark year-over-year performance and share the achievement in its Corporate Social Responsibility report.

Participating non-profits included Family Community Centers, Women’s Outreach Service of Texas, and Operation Revamp’s Veteran Center.

“We are extremely grateful for the donation from Green Standards and Marathon Oil. It has made the Veteran’s Art Center more professional, tidy and usable,” said Wendy Hoffman, president and CEO of Operation Revamp. “We’ve been able to improve our sewing area, and create our phone, fax and internet station at no cost thanks to you”

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