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Headquarters Decommission

Frost Bank, one of the oldest and largest Banks in Texas, looked to Green Standards to responsibly decommission 67,000 square feet of office furniture and equipment in less than three weeks.


The Objective

Frost Bank was moving 400 employees in San Antonio from the Rand Building downtown to One Frost, its new operations center in the city’s northwest sector. To maintain business continuity during the transition, Frost planned to move its employees into the new location with new furniture and equipment already in place.

As a result, six floors of office space had to be cleared, which included nearly 3,000 desks, tables, chairs, cabinets, shelves, and white boards.

The Challenge

Frost’s Rand Building decommission had to happen fast. Its project team had only three weeks to clear everything from the space or face penalties from the building owner. Frost needed an effective process for clearing its space that would also demonstrate its commitment to the environment.

Frost also prioritized donation to existing community partners, intending to support ongoing community investment initiatives.

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Move Timeline

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Landfill Diversion

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Strategic Donation

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Turnkey Service

In under three weeks, with unique site conditions, we successfully exceeded the project goals, from landfill diversion to targeting existing community partners for donation to the overall timeline.

Jonathan Milnes
Business Development Manager
Green Standards

The Solution

Green Standards deployed its turnkey program of office furniture resale, recycling, and donation, providing Frost Bank with a cost-effective and environmentally responsible plan.

Green Standards prioritized the resale of high-value items and metal recycling to offset labor and logistics costs. The remaining items, all of which were in safe, working condition, were successfully donated to several local non-profits, including some of Frost’s community partners.

To ensure that the 67,000 square foot space was cleared in time, Green Standards provided a disposition plan in advance, detailing how the space was to be emptied and how items were to be transported. The commercial mover, sub-contracted and managed by Green Standards, was provided with a detailed move plan to streamline the day-to-day operations.

Project Site

  • San Antonio, Texas

The Results

Through Green Standards’ managed program of resale, recycling, and donation, all items were redistributed in just over two weeks from April 13 to April 28, with 99% of Frost’s surplus inventory diverted away from the landfill.

Green Standards provided us an opportunity to maintain our service levels, minimize unnecessary waste and give back to the community. It was like pushing a button and everything was redistributed on schedule with items going to Green Standards and Frost’s partners and non-profits.

Mark Harrison
Senior Vice President of Internal Support Administration
Frost Bank

Asset Distribution (by weight)

  • Resold
  • Donated
  • Recycled
  • Landfill

Frost was able to divert 239 tons of office furniture and equipment from the landfill and offset 770 metric tons of greenhouse gas emissions – equal to reducing gasoline consumption by 86,488 gallons. The donated items, valued at $117,611, complement Frost’s ongoing community initiatives. Six organizations received donations including Habitat for Humanity of San Antonio, Haven for Hope and the San Antonio Food Bank.

“In an effort to feed 58,000 people each week, the San Antonio Food Bank and our 530 partner agencies rely heavily on donations that help us function in a professional and efficient manner,” said Eric S. Cooper, president and CEO of the San Antonio Food Bank, one of the non-profit agencies benefitting from the donation. “This donation of furniture and other goods helps us to do just that, and for that we are grateful!”

Furniture donations to Food Bank

Beneficiary Spotlight

San Antonio Food Bank repurposes hundreds of items donated by Frost Bank.

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