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2019 – Present

While in the process of moving global headquarters to a new Seattle campus, Expedia Group partnered with Green Standards in October 2019 to sustainably decommission 600,000 square feet of offices across multiple buildings in the region. The success of these projects lead to our work with Expedia Group internationally and has made in-kind donations of furniture to more than 100 non-profits, while diverting 100% of their surplus inventory from landfill.

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The Objective

While preparing to relocate corporate offices in Bellevue for their new Campus, Expedia Group’s Real Estate and Facilities team wanted to complete the move with minimal impact on the environment. To do this, they formed a partnership with Green Standards to help manage the removal and repurposing of surplus office assets including chairs, desks, tables, IT/AV and filing cabinets, etc.

As the largest capital project in the Pacific Northwest, Expedia Group sought to lead by example, and ensure minimal impact on the environment.


The Challenge

Expedia Group required a turnkey provider with the specialized knowledge, networks, and processes in place to facilitate the decommission and donation of tens of thousands of items while maintaining project timelines and budgets.

With a 95%+ landfill diversion goal and more than 5,000 employees worth of furnishings to be repurposed, they required in-depth reporting to benchmark the environmental and social performance of their projects. 

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This was a very simple decision. As part of our climate neutral goal, we wanted to be sure to decommission our old offices responsibly. When Green Standards asked what we wanted done, I said ‘zero landfill’ because that is always the goal. And would you know – they not only delivered to that promise, but a number of local non-profit organisations got office furniture for their workspace.”

Josh Khanna
Global Workplace Lead, Expedia Group

The Solution

Green Standards took responsibility for the entire process; from onboarding and managing commercial movers, to engaging eligible local non-profits, coordinating and documenting asset delivery, and providing environmental and community impact reporting.

By combining donation, resale, and recycling strategies with turnkey project management, Green Standards would maximize asset recovery, streamline community donation, and virtually eliminate waste from Expedia Group’s former offices.

The Results

As a result of this partnership, Expedia Group has diverted 928 tons of furniture from landfill eliminating a total of 2,611 tons of CO2e emissions. In total, 100% of Expedia Group’s furniture and equipment was kept out of landfills, benefitting over 100 local non-profit organizations.

With plans for office consolidation internationally, Expedia Group began deploying Green Standards’ program across Europe in 2020, with notable projects in the UK, Spain, Norway, Italy, Switzerland, Turkey, and Denmark.

The below map of our work together highlights project sites in red and benefiting organizations and non-profits in green. All beneficiaries were within a close proximity to the buildings where the decommissioning work occurred, saving costs on delivery and eliminating any double handling or storage fees. 

Of the 928.5 tons handled by Green Standards globally, 204.1 tons were donated, 518.8 were strategically recycled, 201.2 tons were resold, 4.4 tons were relocated, and 0 tons were sent to landfill.

This isn’t just a one-off action by us, we are constantly looking for ways to reduce our environmental footprint, while also looking to make a difference in the community we live in and serve. By working with Green Standards, we are doing the right thing and further demonstrating that Expedia Cares.”

Josh Khanna
Global Workplace Lead

Expedia Group

Asset Distribution (by weight)

  • Resold
  • Donated
  • Recycled
  • Relocated
  • Landfilled

More than 24 schools in Seattle and Puget Sound received in-kind donations of furnishings to improve classrooms, libraries, and other common spaces. Also benefitting was non-profit life science innovation hub RAIN Incubator in Tacoma, who used Expedia Group’s donated furniture to create a lab specifically for COVID-19 related pandemic research.

“This provided a unique opportunity to give back to the community in a simple, meaningful and green way,” Katherine Cheng, Expedia Group’s Director of Global Impact said.

The furniture donated by Expedia Group and Green Standards has enabled RAIN to support government health agencies and our local medical facilities during this Pandemic. We were able to quickly convert an office space into a working laboratory dedicated to COVID-19 research and the development of assays to determine at risk areas in our community.” 

Rebekah Ryan at RAIN Incubator

Green Standards donates furniture to RAIN for COVID research lab

Beneficiary Spotlight

Green Standards and Expedia Group donate furniture to RAIN Incubator for COVID research lab.

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Through careful consideration of the impact their move would have on the environment and their community, Expedia has benefited dozens of deserving organizations in their own backyard. It comes down to global brands like Expedia Group and actions like these to lead the way to a greener future.”

Jonathan Milnes

Green Standards

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