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Toronto Office Consolidation

Aimia partners with Green Standards to maximize asset recovery and minimize waste as it consolidates its Toronto offices.


The Objective

During the process of consolidating its Toronto office locations, Aimia had to transfer more than 400 employees into a single, already fully-furnished, space. As a result, Aimia’s Real Estate and Facilities team had to decommission more than 1,900 pieces of excess furniture and equipment.

The Challenge

Aimia was looking for a win-win solution; one that would allow the company to recover much of its furniture investment while avoiding unnecessary waste, specifically from lower-value yet perfectly usable furniture and equipment.

Tasked with maximizing asset recovery and minimizing potential waste, the company pursued a multi-channel approach to decommissioning.

Green Standards Recycle Icon

Landfill Diversion

Asset Recovery

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Turnkey Service

Aimia required a balance between its social and environmental goals and its business goals. By distributing items through our various networks, they were able to achieve both.

Jon Milnes
Business Development Manager
Green Standards

The Solution

Aimia’s general contractor recommended Green Standards. Green Standards’ approach enabled Aimia to outsource the complex task of redistributing the items and maximizing resale returns while ensuring only actual waste was sent to the landfill.

Green Standards took responsibility for the entire process, including the dismantling, removal and relocation of each item, and coordinating between the movers, buyers, local non-profits and specialized recyclers. It also provided documentation and in-depth environmental and social impact reporting to help Aimia capture and review the outcome of the project.

The Results

Aimia Offices

Non-Profit Organizations

Green Standards combined reuse, resale, recycling and in-kind donation to redistribute Aimia’s assets. Participating furniture buyers, registered non-profits and specialized recyclers were on site prior to removing any items, allowing the redistribution to flow smoothly from Aimia’s offices to each party.

In addition, Aimia successfully repurposed some key items to its other offices and Green Standards successfully sold on the most valuable remaining items, reducing the overall cost of decommissioning by nearly 35%.

“Our goal is to create shared value wherever possible and act responsibly across all of our operations, including our office transitions. Green Standards provided us the opportunity to meet these priorities while simultaneously achieving our business goals.”

Anne-Josée Laquerre
Director of Social Purpose and Corporate Sustainability
Aimia Inc.

Asset Distribution (by weight)

  • Resale
  • Donation
  • Recycling
  • Landfill

Altogether, Aimia diverted 99% of its inventory away from the landfill, or 232 tons of material. This also represents a greenhouse gas offset of 775 metric tons or the equivalent of avoiding 19,838 trees for 10 years.

The donated items, worth an estimated $31,500, benefited 12 organizations from Green Standards’ network, including St. John’s Ambulance, the Asthma Society of Canada and Stella’s Place.

“Thank you so much for your donation of furniture to Stella’s Place. It will allow us to put the money we saved towards our programming to help young adults with mental health issues,” said Jenny Carver, Executive Director at Stella’s Place. “In our beautiful space, these pieces of furniture will get another life and will support us in all of our initiatives.”

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