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Company-Wide Program
2012 – Present

Green Standards and Adobe have worked together since 2012 to decommission furniture and equipment from Adobe’s office spaces across the US and Canada. The main objective of the partnership is to achieve the greatest possible community impact through coordinated in-kind donation.

Adobe partnership with Green Standards

The Objective

While planning its headquarters renovation in 2011, Adobe’s corporate real estate team recognized that liquidating multiple floors of used office furniture would result in an unknown amount of furniture waste. The potential for so much waste and the lack of transparency typical of liquidation services urged them to consider a better approach.

Adobe’s corporate real estate team decided that the company’s excess furniture and equipment provided a unique opportunity to further its industry-leading corporate responsibility goals, as well as to engage and assist non-profit organizations serving in its communities.

The Challenge

In the midst of a major capital real-estate project, Adobe lacked the internal resources, specialized knowledge, networks and processes to facilitate the donation of tens of thousands of items while maintaining reasonable timelines and budgets. They also lacked a contingency plan for items that were no longer functional or for those that local organizations didn’t want – if they failed to meet their donation targets, usable items would still make it to the landfill as waste.

In addition, it became apparent that coordinating a large-scale donation initiative could come with sizable vendor and storage costs, unique project risks, and potential legal liability.

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Local Donation

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Turnkey Service

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Landfill Diversion

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Each year, Adobe tops our list of clients that prioritize giving back above all else. The results have been amazing for the communities in which they operate.”

Richard Beaumont
Vice President, Strategic Accounts
Green Standards

The Solution

Since 2012, Green Standards provides Adobe with a streamlined approach to donating its excess office assets to community organizations local to its headquarters.

Green Standards takes responsibility for the entire process; from onboarding and managing commercial movers, to engaging eligible local non-profits, coordinating and documenting asset delivery, and providing environmental and community impact reporting.

To bolster Adobe’s existing community investment initiatives, Green Standards connects with Adobe’s Global Giving Team to target specific community partners for donation.

Project Sites

  • Vancouver
  • San Francisco
  • San Jose
  • Los Angeles
  • Richardson
  • Chicago
  • New York
  • Ottawa

The Results

Adobe has deployed Green Standards’ services in locations across North America, including more than 25 office projects in California, Texas, Illinois, New York, British Columbia and Ontario. Overall, these projects have achieved a landfill diversion rate of 97 per cent. Of the 1,200 tons of office equipment diverted from landfill, about 52 per cent was recycled, and 32 per cent was donated to more than 150 non-profit organizations.

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Green Standards provides a turnkey approach to our needs. We are able to use them to review our inventories, bid out the removal and reach out to the local charities who will receive the items. We also get a report that gives us clear information on the value of the donations and non-profits that received the equipment and furnishings.

Justina Hyland
Senior Manager of Headquarters Site Operations

Asset Distribution (by weight)

  • Resale
  • Donation
  • Recycling
  • Landfill

The in-kind donations, valued at $717,415 to date, have benefited numerous organizations including Youth Speaks, Habitat For Humanity and Educare of California at Silicon Valley.

“This donation makes a huge difference,” said Lisa Kaufman, Executive Director at Educare of California at Silicon Valley. “It’s all about the kids, and this is going to help us better support our kids, and those outside in the local community. We’re just so delighted to have this service and we really appreciate knowing it’s out there.”

Educare Silicon Valley furniture donation

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“Library spaces should no longer be silent venues, but dynamic centers of idea generation based on information and knowledge acquisition for the purpose of engaging and exchanging creative and innovative ideas. We are grateful for Green Standards and our own crew of dedicated workers who made this transformation happen.”

– Brian O’Connell – Headmaster at Lawrence Woodmere Academy

Library revitalization at Lawrence Woodmere Academy

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