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Thank You For An Amazing 2014!

Thank You for an Amazing 2014!

Last year was a big one for the Green Standards team. Together with our clients, partners and network of non-profits, we turned nearly 6,000 tons — that’s 12,000,000 lbs! — of no-longer-needed office furniture and equipment into an estimated $3,500,000 of in-kind donations. Each project — from a 26-story building in Houston to satellite offices in Saskatoon — was another opportunity to help companies get more from their office surplus and steward amazing investments into local community organizations.

We thank everyone involved for helping us demonstrate that a triple-bottom-line approach to office surplus can create real and sustainable results.

2014 Snapshot

Our work requires lots of information, connections and relationships—it’s how we accurately assess inventories, create reliable redistribution plans and find end-points for so many items and materials. A big goal for 2014 was to expand our resale, recycling and charitable networks to match the growing corporate interest in sustainable alternatives to liquidation and landfill.

What began as a handful of community organizations, logistics providers and refurbishers has boomed into a North America-wide network of partners working with us in a variety of ways to keep usable office equipment out of landfills.

Growing the Green Standards Charitable Network (GSCN)

Our network of non-profits has grown by nearly 1,500 organizations this year, many of them looking to save on office costs and improve their working environments, pushing the total in North America to an amazing 10,000 non-profits. Efficiently connecting our clients with these non-profits is one the key pillars of our service, extending the life cycle of usable furniture and spurring the opportunity for companies to engage their local community and make a difference.

From the large school districts to the small start-ups, we’d like to extend special thanks to all the non-profits that have joined the Green Standards Charitable Network this year.

Hopefully you’ll be hearing from us soon!

Looking Forward at 2015

We predict that more companies than ever will rethink how they approach office surplus. The growing demand for corporate responsibility and the costs incurred by recurring surplus will drive the decision to do more with no-longer-needed furniture and equipment. Every year we hear from more facilities professionals, property managers and sustainability leaders who don’t want to landfill their perfectly usable office stuff. Who would?

Some know that liquidators can’t sell everything they buy and want an alternative. Others face such short deadlines that they have only one feasible solution: the dump. Some are even spending to store it, uncertain of the remaining value and unwilling to have it all discarded. A combination of awareness and planning can help professionals across the board do something more with corporate surplus.

For 2015, we want to make sure every company has the opportunity to do something better with their surplus, for themselves, their communities and the environment.

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