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Library Revitalization At Lawrence Woodmere Academy

Spotlight: Adobe and Green Standards Donate Furniture to New York School

Lawrence Woodmere Academy

While preparing for back to school, Lawrence Woodmere Academy leveraged Green Standards’ program to revitalize their library and communal spaces, thanks to donated furniture from our client Adobe

Helping Others in Need

Based in Long Island, the school’s library building needed some updates to allow for the students and faculty to collaborate in a comfortable and welcoming space that also allowed for social distancing. Having already joined Green Standards Charitable Network, the school’s headmaster Brian O’Connell was able to request furniture from the Adobe project we had underway nearby.

“Library spaces should no longer be silent venues, but dynamic centers of idea generation based on information and knowledge acquisition for the purpose of engaging and exchanging creative and innovative ideas. We are grateful for Green Standards and our own crew of dedicated workers who made this transformation happen.”

Brian O’Connell

Social & Environmental Impact

Green Standards and Adobe have worked together since 2012 to sustainably decommission furniture and equipment from Adobe’s office spaces across the US and Canada. The main objective of this partnership has been to achieve the greatest possible environmental and community impact through coordinated in-kind donation.

Through our program, Adobe has diverted more than 1,000 tons of office furniture and equipment from landfill while supporting 153 non-profits with in-kind furniture donations. 

Supporting a Circular Economy

By the end of 2016, over 98 percent of Adobe’s licensed products were delivered digitally, effectively eliminating their physical supply chain and drastically reducing the amount of waste produced by their business. For the waste they do generate from their office footprint or elsewhere, Adobe works with partners, including Green Standards to responsibly divert it from ever reaching landfill and prioritize re-use whenever possible. 

Green Standards provides a turnkey approach to our needs. We are able to use them to review our inventories, bid out the removal and reach out to the local charities who will receive the items. We also get a report that gives us clear information on the value of the donations and non-profits that received the equipment and furnishings.”

Justina Hyland – Senior Manager of Headquarters Site Operations, Adobe

While the path to a circular economy is a long one, Adobe and Green Standards are doing our best to push it forward.



About Lawrence Woodmere Academy






Lawrence Woodmere Academy “LWA” is a co-educational, non-religious, elite private college preparatory school.

LWA comprises pre-school through 12th grade students with a current enrollment of 275 students and approximately 52 full-time faculty and two part-time teachers comprising three divisions: Lower, Middle, and Upper schools.

The school culture is marked by a commitment to a global perspective within a school community that is racially, ethnically, and socio-economically diverse. There is a deliberate effort focused on addressing the individual needs of students through a flexible curriculum and a devoted faculty. There is a proactive pursuit of support and input from parents and alumni in shaping the goals of the school.

The school’s mission is distilled into three core values: truth, integrity, and service, and the tag line which bespeaks the school’s global curriculum and philosophy is “at home with the world.”


About Green Standards Ltd.



A Circular Economy-Inspired Office Solution

Green Standards sustainably manages the resale, recycling, and donation of office furniture and equipment across North America.

Millions of tons of office furniture and equipment are sent to landfill each year in North America. We’re here to change that. By working with forward-thinking corporations we’re able to recover usable resources and repurpose valuable products to the benefit of businesses, the environment and communities across North America.

Our sustainable decommission program has diverted 73,000+ tons of surplus furniture and equipment from landfill and donated more than $31 million worth of in-kind donations to 5,000+ non-profits across North America since inception.

The 73,000+ tons diverted equals more than 175,000 metric tons of CO2e emissions reduced with a 98.6% landfill diversion rate on more than 1,500 projects.

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