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Green Standards Reaches $20 Million Worth of In-Kind Donation to Non-Profits Across the US and Canada

TORONTO, CANADA – (Oct 6, 2017) – Green Standards, a specialized environmental firm that helps corporations responsibly manage their excess furniture and equipment, announced that it has worked with clients to donate more than $20 million worth of office furniture, equipment, appliances, artwork, and supplies to over 3,300 non-profits across the US and Canada since its founding in 2009.

“This milestone demonstrates just how much value remains in something that far too often becomes waste,” said Trevor Langdon, Executive General Manager at Green Standards. “We’re proud of our achievement and recognize that it is a small but significant step towards solving the furniture waste problem.”

Furniture Donations

Office equipment continues to be thought of as waste due to a lack understanding and foresight from large organizations. With each office requiring solutions for their existing furniture and equipment, Green Standards is able to recover usable resources and repurpose valuable products to the benefit of businesses, the environment and communities across North America.

35 thousand tons or 70 million pounds of F-Waste (furniture waste) have been diverted from landfill in the process, offsetting more than 100,000 metric tons of Co2 emissions.

Non-profits that have benefited include schools, community centers, food banks, medical facilities, libraries, and more. Participating non-profits benefit from direct cost savings on their own office spaces, allowing them to optimize their administrative budgets while ensuring a safe and functional work space.

The Toronto-based business has been recognized by PROFIT as 1 of Canada’s Fastest-Growing Companies, servicing leading brands from all sectors including General Motors, Adobe, Marathon Oil, PNC Bank and Telus.

By combining donation, resale, and recycling strategies with turnkey project management, GSL maximizes asset recovery, streamlines community donation, and virtually eliminates waste with sustainable solutions. It’s this innovative approach that generates value for businesses, communities and the environment.

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Media contact Marc Borins, Green Standards Ltd,, 1-866-569-0355


$20 Million Worth of In-Kind Donation to Non-Profits since 2009

35 Thousand Tons of F-Waste diverted from landfill

100 Thousand Metric Tons of CO2e offset 

3,300+ non-profit beneficiaries across North America

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