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Calgary Non-profits Benefit from Furniture Re-Use Program

CALGARY, ALBERTA – (March 9, 2016) – Thousands of pieces of office furniture and equipment valued at $156,480 were diverted from the landfill and donated to local non-profit organizations thanks to an innovative furniture repurposing program and partnership between Green Standards and Enbridge.

Participating organizations reported that the donations translated into significant cost savings, as well as a new level of professionalism, comfort and safety for their workplaces.

“We had a new, larger space and very few things to make it functional,” said Mardi Oel, President at the Chestermere Food Bank, whose organization received fire extinguishers, file cabinets, guest chairs and tables. “It likely would have taken a year or more to furnish it, plus more effort and money than we could really afford. Now we can focus on using our resources and energy to helping those in need.”

The surplus assets came from an Enbridge office renovation that was launched in 2013 and completed in late 2015. More than 4,000 items benefited local non-profit organizations, such as the Chestermere Food Bank, as well as several other groups that provide a range of community services and programs.

Altogether, 304 tonnes of office products were diverted from the landfill, representing an estimated offset of 987 metric tons of CO2e (carbon dioxide equivalent)—equal to the greenhouse gas sequestration of more than 25,000 trees grown over 10 years. By keeping these items out of the landfill, and in use or recycled, Enbridge successfully reduced the footprint of its headquarters renovation.

“Millions of tonnes of office furniture and equipment are sent to landfill each year in North America,” said Jon Milnes, Vice President of Global Accounts at Green Standards. “When corporations like Enbridge choose to do better, they’re performing a dual service to the environment and to those poorly resourced organizations that are central to so many of our communities.”

Enbridge, named to the Global 100 Most Sustainable Corporations in the World for seven years, continually looks for ways to make to make the best possible impact on its neighbouring communities, said Vice President of Human Resources Marc Weil.

“We are committed to making life better in the communities where we operate and pleased that we are able to do that through a number of local non-profits whose work benefits many in the area,” said Mr. Weil.

About Green Standards

Green Standards specializes in the responsible and cost-effective redistribution of surplus and obsolete durable goods, including office furniture, fixtures, supplies, and IT equipment. On a turnkey basis, Green Standards channels surplus office assets according to corporate priorities for charitable donations, recycling, and resale. Green Standards also supports clients in telling their story of social responsibility and environmental stewardship to employees, external stakeholders, and the wider world—via industry-leading data and a cloud-based reporting portal. For more information, visit


2-year decommission program in Calgary, Alberta

$156,500 worth of in-kind donation to Calgary non-profits

4,000 items donated to more than 20 non-profits

304 metric tons diverted from landfill

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