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A Circular Economy-Inspired Office Solution

Green Standards is a specialized environmental firm that works with corporations and government organizations to responsibly redistribute surplus office furniture, equipment and supplies.

Our goal is to make it simple for organizations like yours to recover value, benefit community organizations, and divert waste from office decommissions, storage and other corporate real-estate projects.


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Our Story

Inspired by the principles of the circular economy, Green Standards was founded in 2009 to solve the growing problem of office furniture waste.

What began as a service that coordinated between corporations with surplus office furniture and non-profits, has evolved into an innovative solution that includes project management, multi-channel asset redistribution, non-profit engagement and story-telling, and industry-leading environmental reporting.

Together, these services create a unique, triple bottom line service available to corporations anywhere in the US, Canada and Globally.

Every step towards a circular economy counts. To achieve zero-waste, to extract the full value out of our products at their end-of-life, we need to see waste as the dynamic opportunity it is.

Richard Beaumont

Richard Beaumont
Green Standards


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Green Standards Awards and Recognition


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Our Clients

Join hundreds of businesses that are getting more out of their office furniture and equipment.

Green Standards works with 25% of Fortune 100 companies

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A better process. A better outcome.

Sustainable office furniture removal anywhere in North America and Globally.

We are proud to help major corporations and government departments measure and maximize the financial, social, and environmental value of surplus office furniture and equipment. Our industry-leading solutions work best at scale, which means we provide the best value for projects that meet the following criteria:

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    *Please note that our minimum project size is 100 employees (20,000 sqft)

    Green Standards offers sustainable solutions for office decommissions
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