Available Inventory

Thank you for showing interest and being active in Green Standards’ Charitable Network!

These concrete benches measure 29×29″ and are very heavy, weighing approximately 120lbs. They will require additional tools, such as a dolly, to move. If you are selected to receive a donation, please keep in mind that, while our moving team will help to load the benches off of their truck and onto the curb or loading dock, they cannot assist with moving the benches beyond this point. It would be your obligation to have enough staff/volunteers and any appropriate tools on-site at the time of delivery to help move the items into your building or wherever you’d like them to go.

Note: This page only exists to request items, it does not confirm you will receive them. You will be notified shortly only if you will be receiving donations.

If you have any questions, or for detailed instructions on how to place a request, please contact Project Coordinator Keana Leal at kleal@greenstandardsltd.com.