Turning Waste Into Change – OMERS Donates Furniture

In the Fall of 2017, OMERS was consolidating 3 offices into a single newly constructed tower. As part of the transition, they partnered with Green Standards to responsibly decommission 400,000 square feet of office space, to ensure excess furniture and equipment would be kept out of landfill and channeled into local communities.

See more from OMERS here.

General Motors Transforms Its Campuses and Its Communities

As General Motors revitalizes three main offices in the Detroit area, it partnered with Herman Miller and Green Standards to repurpose tens of thousands of pieces of furniture and equipment and create $1 million worth of in-kind donation to 100 non-profits.

Watch the videos and follow the link for the full transformation story.

TELUS & Green Standards’ National Partnership

Since 2011, TELUS and Green Standards have partnered to decommission office spaces across the country. The partnership has resulted in more than 800 metric tonnes diverted from landfill and more than $350,000 worth of in-kind donations to non-profit organizations.

To learn more, see TELUS’ Sustainability Report on their website.

Boys & Girls Club Transforms Its Workspace

St. Alban’s Boys and Girls Club transformed their admin offices, computer lab and pantry space with the help of Green Standards’ donation program. Here’s what they had to say.

How It Works: A Circular Economy-Inspired Solution

Green Standards offers corporations and other large organizations a turnkey, sustainable approach to office decommissioning. By combining resale, recycling and local donation into a single managed program, Green Standards makes it simple and cost-effective to keep nearly 100% of your assets out of the landfill and in use.

Testimonial: Sketch | Furniture Donation

Sketch Expands its Office Space with Help from Green Standards.

Testimonial: March of Dimes | Furniture Donation

March of Dimes receives furniture donations facilitated by Green Standards. This allows March of Dimes to enhance their facility while saving thousands of dollars that can be channeled into their programming and improve their day to day operations.

Testimonial: Transforming Faces | Furniture Donation

Green Standards works with large corporations to repurpose and recycle their no-longer-needed office equipment. Here’s what one charity had to say about the value of items donated by Green Standards’ clients.