Corporate decommission solutions that maximize value to the community, environment and your bottom line.

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Environmental Commitment
Your company’s role in creating a healthier environment has never been easier to demonstrate. We make sure your no longer needed furniture and assets stay out of the landfill, moving you a step closer to reaching your sustainability goals.
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Community Investment
Where will your corporate furniture and assets go once you’re done with it? Green Standards will arrange for it to be donated on your behalf to the under-resourced non-profit organizations in your community.
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Corporate Social Responsibility - it’s how your business demonstrates your social and ethical commitments – and your stakeholders will take note. See how CSR success can translate into a desirable bottom line.
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Performance Metrics
How many tons of unwanted assets have been diverted from landfill? What is the value of the total items donated? Here is Green Standards current track record.
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Donation Distribution
Green Standards works with businesses all across North America, and we map where each piece of furniture is donated in Canada, the United States, and even internationally.

Stuck with unwanted corporate assets? Talk to us today!

Learn more about the Green Standards program and how we can help.

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Want to donate your office furniture to a non-profit organization?

Green Standards will arrange for your assets to find good homes with non-profit organizations in your community.

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Looking to receive furniture for your non-profit organization?

Find out how to become a recipient of corporate assets by joining the Green Standards Charitable Network.

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Wondering how we can improve your company's bottom line?

Find out how partnering with Green Standards can help your reach your CSR goals, and help engage your stakeholders.

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